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Entry of The Day - 4 March 2012

Assalammualaikum and have a nice day to everyone who visited my blog. Thank you for your visit, really appreciate it and please do come again:)

Firstly, I have discontinued my membership in Stiforp because of low public interest and  it is hard to get new membership or simply said downline. As you can see in this blog, I have no longer putting any Stiforp's banners as I have stop my promotion as well. Stiforp is an affiliate/MLM program which requires monthly maintenance fee but at the same time it is hard to recruit new members as downlines. No downlines means no income. As a result, to prevent me keep paying monthly fee but not getting any revenue so I decided to discontinue my membership.

Thus, at the moment, I am  focusing only in 2 programs which are JSS-Tripler and MyBrowserCash. These 2 programs are fruitful even without downlines. I call this as passive incomes.


JSS-Triple is an HYIP (High Yield Investment Program) which basically a daily paid program even you have no downline. You'll earn 2% daily for 75 days which means 60% per month and 150% in 75 days. The capital for this investment is US$10 per position. What make me interested to join this program because it has unique system which has been registered under US Patent. This system is designed in such a way to prevent overpaid and this can make JSS-Tripler an INDEFINITELY SUSTAINABLE program. By the way, you can see my payment proofs to believe. For your information, JSS-Tripler was launched on 17th February 2011 and it just celebrated its 1st year anniversary recently. For more information about JSS-Tripler you can visit my promotion website HERE

MyBrowserCash is a PTC (Paid-To-Click) program. FREE to join. After joining, download its software and install to your computer. You are able to earn money straight away after that. Just click every advertisement that pop-up on your Windows' task bar. You can do this while surfing other website or doing works on your computer. When your accumulated earnings reach at least $20, then you can request for withdrawal to either your AlertPay or PayPal account. Make use of your online time for hours everyday fully utilized by joining MyBrowserCash. Just as simple as that. Click HERE to join.
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